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Small raster coloring pigeon

Coloring size 567x822 pixels. Format png.
pigeon coloring
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Raster coloring pigeon - 1182х1715

Raster coloring pigeon - 567х822

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Pigeons peaceful, neat, creation. They live alongside humans. By this it is not surprising that people are building houses for them, dovecotes. Very scarce and pigeon loft to life, the most important thing is that the cats would not. I tried to draw a dove for coloring, and then looked at the pictures and wanted to repaint, a little wrong. Nothing amiss and this next time I will draw from a photo. Be authentic!. I'm sitting at the computer at night, then when pigeons sleep in the attic, on the other hand attic hawk nest. Nice neighborhood, and it is necessary to draw it. In the afternoon, I was at work, there is time to sit and do not always have. Paint the dove to his taste.

Coloring in a raster (pixel) format, for coloring in bitmap image editors. Small size 657x822 designed for screen display, for coloring in programs that can not reduce the image size. If you use a graphics editor like "Paint", then using the fill can easily paint a picture. Outlines for coloring perfect to spend some time coloring on the computer. For children this can be fun and not an obsessive study of the work in the graphic editors, and knowledge of the world in different shades and colors.