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butterfly raster picture
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Butterflies are very simple to paint and multicolored color, always pleases the eye. Although in nature are not only butterflies with wings of bright color, and the gray and barely noticeable as camouflage shade. For example we all know moths or moths. In this figure, butterfly outlines asked, leaving the place of your imagination, you can add a lot of parts or elements to the drawing. If you draw a picture to the small picture (in my case, it's icon on the topic) then simple contours fit, will give a clearer picture. When drawing such a flower meadow, a small butterfly size would be more appropriate. Enjoy your creativity!

Stock Photo makes it possible to quickly decorate the different items or files. Create backgrounds. Combining multiple images, create a unique decorative elements. In the bitmap editor can always adjust the color (example: darken, highlight, pasteurized, substitute). Clipart can be turned into a kind of a unique pattern (engraving, watercolor, mosaic, etc.). For this purpose, such as applying different filters. You can create brushes for Photoshop. Increasing the transparency of clip art, it fits easily into the interior. In general, there is no fantasy aisle.

Images created by coloring colorings, which you can download on the site. Clipart may not always reflect the real color of the object depicted in it, the artist is given full opportunity for fantasy. Artists to design patterns are mostly children.