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Clipart raster heart

Image size 550x379 pixels. Format png.
heart raster clipart
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Raster coloring heart - 1182х1715

Raster coloring heart - 567х822

Vector coloring heart

Raster image heart

Vector figure heart

Raster clipart heart

Vector clipart heart

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Coloring heart Image heart

To create a loop vector or bitmap of the heart, used three ellipsis. Two ellipsis (example: 300 for 350) set so that they overlap, it will be the tip of the heart, and the third ellipse is more on the width of the first two. (For example: 500 is on-center distance plus the width of the ellipse. 200 +300) centers figures should be on one line (for example, x = 0 for all shapes) form the bottom of the heart by giving great value low point of the ellipse as the acute angle (upper point can delete). Now just need to process the output path (example: cutting) to extract the figure simply remove unnecessary. When processing in a vector graphics program you can reduce the file size by removing deprivation points on jumpers.

Raster picture makes it possible to quickly decorate the different items or files. Create backgrounds. Combination of several clipart, create a unique decorative elements. In the bitmap editor can always adjust the color (example: darken, highlight, pasteurized, substitute). Images can be transformed into a kind of a unique pattern (engraving, watercolor, mosaic, etc.). For this purpose, such as applying different filters. You can create brushes for Photoshop. Increasing the transparency of clipart, it fits easily into the interior. In general, there is no fantasy aisle.

Artwork created by coloring colorings, which you can download on the site. Clipart may not always reflect the real color of the object depicted in it, the artist is given full opportunity for fantasy. Artists to design clipart are mostly children.