Coloring car

Coloring size 1715x1182 pixels. Format png.
scar coloring
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Raster coloring scar - 1182х1715

Raster coloring scar - 567х822

Vector coloring scar

Raster image scar

Vector figure scar

Raster clipart scar

Vector clipart scar

Coloring bitmap scar

Coloring scar Image scar

Rock can be represented with smooth edges, something like this drawing. In this example we obtain, as if the spiral road goes on a rock in the heavens. Made for a change. Smooth transition and it softened the image more like Sandy mountain. Try to paint, it will be interesting!

Coloring in a raster (pixel) format. If you use a graphics editor such as adobe Photoshop, then using the fill can easily paint a picture. Outlines for coloring perfect to spend some time coloring on the computer. For children this can be fun and not an obsessive study of the work in the graphic editors, and knowledge of the world in different shades and colors.

Coloring can be printed, and then paint.