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Online coloring scheme and the examples.

line pattern with the pattern 4 on 2

Ornaments in the form of lines, you can decorate the cover, page, text, or image.
Apply for embroidery scheme, knitting, weaving, painting, laying, inlays.
Make embroidery, applique, mosaic, padding, inlay, carving, with tiled or parquet floors etc.
Ornament of the lines used on the carpets, fabrics, dishes, books, magazines, boxes, chests etc.

Online coloring, line circuit pattern 4 on 2

The number of repetitions of the pattern;



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Examples ribbon ornament pattern with size 4x2

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Raster and vector image lines ornament pattern with the size 4x2

Examples of ornamental lines of the pattern size 4x2
Bitmap tapes with the size of the pattern 4x2

Download vector image lines pattern 4x2

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